E-Bike Basics

What is an electric bike?

An Ebike looks and feels like a traditional bike but has a big difference - an electric motor and battery. Ebikes allow you to have pedal-assist technology giving you the option of how much effort you want to put forth. With our bikes, you also have the option to use the thumb throttle to propel the bike forward and not pedal at all. 

How fast do the bikes go?

Our bikes can go up to 30mph, however it depends on the weight of the rider. Most riders will see 25-28 mph.

What is pedal assist?

Pedal assist is a feature that gives riders a boost of power, incrementally, For example, level one has very little pedal assist where you are doing most of the pedaling. Level 5 however, does most of the work for you. When exercising, we recommend starting on level 2 and moving up levels as you get tired. 

Can I pedal it like a normal bike?

Yes! You can not turn on the bike and it’s going ride just like the bike you rode as a kid.

Who can ride an e-bike?

Anyone can ride our bikes! We recommend checking your local laws and guidelines in your community and parks. 

What's the difference between frames?

We offer two frames for you to choose from. The Freedom Cycle Fat Cat Electric Bike is a standard frame that is similar to the bones of a standard bicycle. The Freedom Cycle Fat Cat ST Electric Bike has a step thru frame. The step thru frame is our best seller and is made to get on and off the bike a breeze. 

How do I know which bike is better for me?

Both our Freedom Cycle Electric bikes are a great option. However, we recommend getting the bike that fits your lifestyle best. Our bikes are designed to fit a variety of riders. Our Freedom Cycle Fat Cat ST Electric Bike is designed for riders who need an easy on and off option. If you are still questioning which bike is better for you, please contact us here.

What's the best way to travel with my bike?

The securest, easiest, and most versatile method to transport ebikes is behind your vehicle. Make sure your bike rack is one that can accommodate a heavier bike.  Your ebike's battery is added weight for a hitch rack. For added security, remove the battery when transporting your ebike so your selected hitch rack can better withhold the weight of the bike.

How does the bike charge?

You may charge your Freedom Cycle Co Ebike with the battery either attached to your bike or removed. Your bike comes with a charger for charging your bike. 

How long does the battery last?

The battery can last up to 48 miles depending on how you choose to use your bike.  The more you use the power assist the more your battery is used. However, we think more often then not the battery will outlast your ride. 

What's your return policy?

We offer free returns on our ebikes for up to 30 days after purchase. Bikes must be in like-new condition and have no damage. We are not responsible for the cost of bikes getting back to our warehouse.  Our bikes also come with a one year parts warranty. 

What safety procedures do you recommend?

Like any other bike that you ride, always wear a helmet while riding your Ebike. 

Download our users manual here.

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